Nobody Knows You

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Nobody Knows You


C E  A7   Dm7  A  Dm7   F   Cdim  C  E  A7  G  


C                         E                  A7

Once I lived the life of a millionaire
Dm7                     A7      Dm7          
Spending all my money didn't have any cares
F                   Cdim                    C                 A7
Took all my friends out for a mighty good time
D7                                           G
We bought bootleg wisky, champagne and wine
C               E       A7
Then I began to fall so low
Dm7                A7                      Dm7               
Lost all my good friends, had no where to go
F               Cdim          C        A7
If I get my hands on a dollar again
D7                                         G7
I'll hang on to it, till that old eagle grins
C                  E        A7
Because nobody loves you
Dm7               A7            Dm7    
When you're down and out
F         Cdim     C          A7
In your pocket, not one penny
        D7                           G7
And as for friends, you don't have many.
When you get back on your feet again
Everybody wants to be your long lost friend
I said it straight, without any doubt
Nobody knows you, when your down and out.