Do you have a young budding musician at home? If your kid is interested in playing an instrument, it is not a habit you should try to overlook or curb. While you might hold the perception that music is a vain activity, your child can actually benefit from learning to play an instrument. It can build and polish their entire personality, making them more confident and social than ever before. Here are some reasons that can surely convince you that playing a music instrument can actually be quite beneficial for your child in more than one way.


Why You Should Encourage Your Children to Learn Music

1. The biggest benefit of learning to play an instrument is that it helps in the mental development of a child. Not only will your child show improvement in his academic performance, but will also improve his or her reasoning and language skills.


2. It can also boost the spatial intelligence of your kid, developing their ability of visualization.  This helps your kid in building their creative skills quite substantially.


3. Several researches have also indicated that your kid’s memory can be greatly enhanced by learning to play an instrument. With the stimulation and challenge it provides to your child’s brain, music develops memorizing abilities in children.


4. If your kid has trouble in socializing with other kids, learning music can aid in bringing them out of their shell. Music lessons help them build their team-working and socializing skills by involving them in group activities.


5. Just like social skills, learning music can also boost the confidence of your child in them. Realizing that they can learn a skill on their own brings confidence to their personality, enabling them to reach out to others without hesitation.


6. By learning to play an instrument, your kid can become more patient and disciplined. Playing in group teaches them to wait for their turn to play otherwise the whole sound will turn into a mess. This practice can instill discipline and patience in your child.


7. Music is one of the greatest forms of expression that kids can benefit from. Since kids usually don’t find it easy to express themselves in many words, music is the best outlet for them. With music, kids can express their emotional and mental state quite easily.


So, if your child is showing interest in playing music, it is definitely not something you should worry about. At, you can find the best music lessons for your child that can help them groom their personalities and become better citizens. We provide a safe and secure site that is completely suitable for your kids, ensuring complete cyber security.


Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Internet


When you are allowing your kids to use Internet, you should always be very careful about the security risks they might encounter. One wrong click on the Internet can expose your child to unpleasant and often highly inappropriate content.


Therefore, you should always check whether the website your kid is using is safe or not. All websites for kids are legally required to comply by the COPPA Act (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). This act provides a detailed account of responsibilities of online website operators with respect to the protection, privacy and security of children on online platforms.


You can also refer to the Department of Homeland Security to learn more about your kid’s safety online.


To provide further security to your kids when they are browsing online, you can use the following tips:


1. Use Internet Security system.


2.  Have all your network and security settings protected with a password.


3. Avoid clicking on all unnecessary links, including ads and emails from unknown senders.


4. For all your social media and networking accounts, and your network devices, use passwords that are complex in nature, and use different characteristics to make them unique.


5. Talk to your kids about cybercrimes and advise them about how to stay careful online. Tell them, not to share any passwords with anyone online, and if they have done so in the past, change the password at once.


6. Instill the habit of logging out of all accounts in your kids once they have finished their work.


7. Reset the privacy and security settings of your social accounts to ensure maximum security.


8. Make use of the parental control settings to control what your kids can and can’t access on the Internet.


9. Discuss rules and limits regarding the use of all technological gadgets in your home with your kids. Discuss with them how they can use everything more responsibly.



Your Kid’s Security at Rockatar


Our website is targeted towards all those who are of 13 years of age and above. While we have made all our possible efforts to make our website secure for all our students, whether kids or adults, we are especially careful about the security of our younger student. Our website is in complete compliance with the FTC and COPPA regulations where security of children online is concerned.


In order to comply with the COPPA act, we have taken the following steps:


1. We have included a Privacy Policy on our website.


2. Before any information provided by children can be made public on our website, a verification and consent from parents or legal guardians is required.


3. The validity of the information is verified using a procedure outlined by the COPPA act.


4. We are very mindful of the subject matter, language, and the audio and visual content that is displayed on our website.


5. All the ads that are displayed on our website are carefully selected, keeping in mind the age of our younger audience.


6. We are very careful about the use of any animated or children-focused content on our website.